Steering Group

​The Steering Committee is made up of local volunteers and by some members of the Parish Council.

It is supported by the Parish Council, but does not form part of it. A number of additional local people are involved as supporting volunteers but are not steering committee members.

The Committee is chaired by Paul Ramsay and meets on the last Thursday eof every month. These meetings are attended by committee members and volunteers and are also open to interested members of the public – please see calendar for details of meeting dates and times.
  1. Paul Ramsay
    Paul has lived in the village for over 4 years with his family. He has been a Cholsey Parish Councillor for over two years and is on the Finance and Planning committees. He is a company director for a security consultancy.
  2. Linda Ivereigh
    Linda has lived in the village for nearly 4 years with her husband. She has been a Cholsey Parish Councillor for just over a year and is the Chair of the Finance committee, Spokesperson for the Planning committee and Treasurer for the new Cholsey Children's Centre. Linda has recently stood down from her role as a global tax advisor for a large multi-national company
  3. Mark Gray
    Mark has lived in the village for many years. He has been the Chairman of Cholsey Parish Council for over eight years as well as an Oxford County Councillor. He is on many Committees including: Education Scrutiny (Chairman), Performance Scrutiny and the Minerals and Waste Cabinet Advisory Group. He believes that public servants should work to improve the lives of the people they represent.
  4. Val Bolt (MBE)
    Val has had a long connection with Cholsey; She has been a Parish Council for more than 10 years.

Full Steering Committee List:

Emma Green                    Sandy Milton
Colin Worley                    Lesley Caswell
Frank Rodens                  Beryl Guiver
Janet Rodens​                  David Over
John Sinclair                    Maureen Ridden