Cholsey Development Plan
This site is here to make sure you are fully informed and that our goals for Cholsey to be a vibrant, safe and caring community where residents enjoy living, working and feel valued, with a sustainable local economy and a high quality environment for everyone to enjoy

To achieve this we will need new homes that are built in manageable numbers and are appropriate for the community and designed to add to the beauty of our village and countryside; roads, paths and cycle-ways are safe and pavements, drains, and other parts of the infrastructure are kept in good condition and the community spirit and involvement is actively encouraged and reflected in a Plan that allows us to control the future of Cholsey Parish
The best way to defend our community is for all the local community to work together with a single voice     

Thank you for attending the various meeting over the past 6 weeks.

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Cholsey Neighbourhood Plan
A change of approach

We are consulting you again as we wish to change where new houses should be built in Cholsey. SODC now indicate that we need to have at least 175 new homes in Cholsey, previously you told us there should be no more than 300 new homes & many people felt it should be fewer than this.

In the last consultation we suggested around half of the land between Fairmile & Celsea Place known as CHOL2 should be used for 250 homes & a shop & community buildings including a pre-school.

Despite an initial openness to developing the site in line with community views the landowners & developers are only interested in building out the whole of CHOL2 with around 550 dwellings together with a neighbourhood centre with shops & a community building. We do not believe this fits with the communities wishes for this site or the village, it will also put severe pressure on services including the primary school & medical facilities.

The steering group has compared this option with other options in Cholsey.  We have decided that a package of smaller sites will better fit with the communities’ aspirations as communicated to us through earlier plan consultations. The sites provide for 186 new homes & include:

Land to the north of Rothwells Close together with land to the east of houses along Wallingford Road (sites known as CHOL1 & CHOL7) for around 162 homes. (an appeal is pending on part of this land but our proposal is for fewer homes than the appeal). 
Boshers Yard off Reading Road for around 10 homes, 
Land at Fairmile (the nursery site) for 14 new homes (permission was granted on this site in December 2017).

As part of our proposals we still want to provide new community facilities including a second pre-school & children’s centre, a satellite surgery if the medical practice will agree, improved parking at the station & improvements to safety & the environment around the shops at The Forty.

Our consultation starts on 11th February 2018 & runs until 31st March 2018.